August 01, 2017

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Britannica Schools- All

Britannica Schools- All

NEW! Britannica School resources from available at four levels – Learning Zone, Elementary, Middle, and High. School code is mel5. Each contains resources in subjects such as people, countries, science, animals, current events, and biographies. Britannica Learning Zone Pre K – 2nd grade Britannica Elementary Britannica Middle Britannica High   Grolier Online Encyclopedia 8 encyclopedia databases: […]

Gale- all

  PowerSearch    Academic OneFile   Business Insights: Global   DemographicsNow   Gale Directory Library   Gale Virtual Reference Library   General OneFile   Global Issues In Context    Opposing Viewpoints In Context   Powerspeak Languages   Research In Context    Small Business Resource Center   Smithsonian Primary Sources    U.S. History In Context   World History In Context   Chemistry   Chemistry: Elements & Compounds   Forensic Science    Global Warming   History in […]

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