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Progressive Era Assignment

Create a brochure using Microsoft Publisher about one of the following Early Civilizations

·         Sumerians

·         Ancient Egypt 3000 B.C-200 B.C

·         Ancient India 3000 B.C-200 B.C

·         Early China 3000 B.C-200 B.C

·         Early America 3000 B.C-200 B.C

·         Early Greece under Athens 1500 B.C.-429 B.C.

·         Greece under Alexander the Great 430 B.C.- 323 B.C.

·         Roman Empire 750 B.C.-476 A.D.

Keywords:  Names of people, places or events!

american indians, ancient greece, ancient rome, mesopotamia, civilization

Subjects: (infobits)  History, Government & Social StudiesWorld History

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