High Fructose Corn Syrup

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General Resources

Citing and Evaluating sources

1. To learn how to properly acknowledge the work of others with MLA citations.


2.  To learn how to evaluate sources

See the Evaluating a Resource Guide

Which Approach will I take?

Framework for inquiry:  Explore a real-life issue and understand it from different perspectives:

  1. community and service
    • How do we live in relation to others?
    • How can I contribute to the community?
    • How can I help others?
  2. human ingenuity
    • Why and how do we create?
    • What are the consequences?
  3. environments
    • Where do we live?
    • What resources do we have or need?
    • What are my responsibilities?
  4. health and social education
    • How do I think and act?
    • How am I changing?
    • How can I look after myself and others?
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